Rates & Conditions - Tuition With Edge Music

Instrumental/Music Theory/Composition/Improvisation etc:

£45/hr plus call-out fee (which is £5 or more depending on time/distance for travel).

10% block booking discounts for courses of lessons - minimum of 6 lessons in a block.

All lessons of this type are between 30 mins and 1 hour, depending on requirements (sometimes a shorter lesson is best for younger children), booked and paid for in advance, and taken regularly - weekly or, by special arrangement, fortnightly:

30 mins: £35
45 mins: £40

(plus call-out fee if the lesson is a home visit)

For guitar lessons taken at my home.

Music Production (including "layered/combination" sessions):

£45/hr plus call-out fee (which is £5 or more depending on time/distance for travel)

All sessions of this type are 1 or 2 hours in length. Although weekly 2-hour sessions are recommended as the most effective way to progress, ad hoc sessions may be booked, if weekly 2-hour sessions are not viable.

2 hour sessions are priced at £80 (plus call-out if required)

Longer sessions are by arrangement only, and not available to first time clients.

Minimum session length for a call-out is 2 hours.

These rates represent great value compared with institutions like SAE, Point Blank etc, and the sessions have the major advantage of being one-to-one and are not constricted by syllabus/mixed ability large group situations. Also the lessons are bespoke for the individual, and can be more organic in their course. A lot of students enjoy a "layered" session - combining piano/guitar/vocal coaching with music production, or indeed any combination.....