"The Earth Years" is the artist moniker for singer-songwriter material by Kevin Edge

The Earth Years: Background/Bio

It’s always been about music for Kevin. Inheriting a disused piano from his nan at the age of 7, completing 7 or so years of classical training, picking up the clarinet during early teenage, and attaining Grade 8 on this instrument too, this was the springboard for a life of passionate focus on music. Right from that early age, there was a natural leaning towards improvisation and composition... 

Breaking away from the classical music teaching model at around 15, seeking a richer, wider-ranging experience of music, he took the solid base of technique and theory knowledge that the classical model had delivered, and evolved, journeying through jazz theory, composition, improvisation and into recording/production. 

Writing songs and recording full productions with minimum kit in his bedroom at 16-18 years of age, the passion for all that music has to offer never waned. He taught himself guitar along the way, and is now an accomplished player, and tutor. covering both acoustic and electric guitar. 

Playing in bands from jazz quartets to funk/rock/pop through to electronic crossover outfits, and plenty in between, coupled with releases as writer/producer for many dance labels, he has a deep and broad experience of music from many angles. 

Kevin continued to write songs, sporadically but consistently, and has been a finalist in the UK Song-writing Contest many times, winning the Adult Contemporary category in 2011, with his song "Forgotten State". The songwriting side of his musical output finally culminated in the emergence of “The Earth Years”. 

Influenced by many artists from Joni Mitchell to Tears For Fears, Seal & Sting (early stuff), A-ha, Radiohead, and Peter Gabriel, The Earth Years finally stand out on their own as an artist that doesn’t sound quite like anyone else….. 

Kevin is also a composer/producer of music for TV and Film, with many tracks released with 100s of placements across the world over the last 10 years. 

He also releases electronic music under the moniker “Terrafunka

2021 - January: Debut album from The Earth Years released

The album "Place On This Earth" has been released and is currently only available via this website, in the shop. Click on the album cover below to learn more about the release, and to listen to preview clips of all 10 songs....

2012: UK Songwriting Competition - Finalist

2011: UK Songwriting Competition - Winner in Adult Contemporary Category

Click here to listen to this unreleased track on Soundcloud