About Edge Music: Kevin Edge - Musician, Composer, Producer, Tutor.....

Kevin Edge is a freelance  composer/producer, song-writer, tutor and session musician with a wide range of talents and abilities; coupled with years of professional experience across many fields - based at Edge Music Studios in North London.

Kevin has established himself as a powerful force in the writer/producer world, with credits for Sony, Sky TV, Channel 4, EMI, Sainsbury’s, Warner-Chappell and The Discovery Channel, amongst others. Quality of musicianship, high production values, and huge range of styles are all key features of his work. 

He has also been a professional tutor for many years, both in colleges, and privately. Covering guitar, piano, music theory and music production. His intuitive and bespoke, student-centered approach has helped many musicians along their journey through music making, supporting them in bringing out creative potential, and facilitating the manifestation of their musical ideas and vision. 

A bit of background about Kevin Edge:  

It’s always been about music for Kevin. Classically trained in piano since the age of 7, picking up the clarinet a few years later, and attaining Grade 8 on this instrument too, this was the springboard for a life of passionate focus on music. Breaking away from the classical music teaching model at around 15, seeking a more free, richer, and wider-ranging experience of music, he took the solid base of technique and theory knowledge that the classical model had delivered, and evolved, journeying through jazz theory, composition, improvisation and into recording/production. Writing songs and recording full productions with minimum kit in his bedroom at 16-18, the passion for all that music has to offer never waned. He taught himself guitar along the way, and is now an accomplished player, and tutor. covering both acoustic and electric guitar.  By continuing his education, and becoming a "Tonmeister", after gaining a BMus (Hons) Degree in Music and Sound Recording at Surrey University in the UK, Kevin had invested another 4 years of his life energy into his pursuit of the marriage of art and technology. This remains a core theme today.

Playing in bands from jazz quartets to funk/rock/pop through to electronic crossover outfits, and plenty in between, coupled with releases as writer/producer for many dance labels, he has a deep and broad experience of music from many angles. Kevin is also a singer-songwriter in his own right, and has been a finalist in the UK Song-writing Contest many times, winning the Adult Contemporary genre in 2011, with his song "Forgotten State".  Singer-songwriter material is released under the moniker "The Earth Years".

Spending a few years as a writer/programmer/producer/session musician at a production house in Brick Lane, during the "funky house" period, mid 2000s, saw many dance/electronic releases on various labels, like Positiva, Data, Disco Darlings etc. This experience delivered more valuable insights into programming, mixing and production, that filtered through into his own studio work, and of course, into tuition. For the last few years, the focus has been on writing/production for TV/Film/Sync commissions, rather than dance/electronic, but we can expect more electronic stuff from Terrafunka in the future, as that passion never dies....


In the pipeline from Edge Music (in no particular order!)  

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