Terrafunka is the artist/producer/DJ moniker for electronic/hybrid material by Kevin Edge, outside of his other work as a composer/producer for TV/Film/Games etc.

2022 - October: Single release - "Illuminated Consciousness"

A dark (ish) progressive techno track featuring monologue by the late Dr. Zelenko...

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2021 - April: Single release - "Free Your Soul" (2021 Remaster)

Originally written and produced in 2008, but never released, "Free Your Soul" gets a refresh with a remaster for 2021:

"A soulful funky house outing, that stills hits pretty chunky and tough...."

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2021 - February: Album release - "Aquanova" (2021 Remaster)

Terrafunka releases a remastered album - "Aquanova":

"An electronic/hybrid-acoustic aqueous journey through various down to mid-tempo grooves and flavours. Mostly chilled but some more chunky/pacey moments. 

Synth pads and lead melodies combine with pianos, duduk and other ethnic flavours, trumpet, electric guitars, ethnic vocals etc, carried on a backbone of laid-back beats and analog basses etc...."

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2019 - December: Single release - "Blips"

Terrafunka has released a single - "Blips" - a collaboration with long time friend and fellow musician, Jez Wells.

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2018 - Remix released - "Rays Of Sun" by Lazy Hammock

Terrafunka teams up with long time friend and fellow artist "Lazy Hammock", on a funky house remix of her track, "Rays Of Sun"

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2017: Album release - "Reveal"

Terrafunka has released an album, created as a collaboration with songwriter and 5Rhythms®  teacher, David Juriansz.

Some tracks written by Terrafunka, and some by David, with Terrafunka mixing, producing and performing on the album.

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