Edge Music - Tuition in Guitar, Piano, Theory and Music Production (click images to visit corresponding tuition pages)

Tuition has always been a passion for me, from a natural leaning as early as school days, to commencing guitar teaching over 15 years ago. Soon adding piano/theory/composition tuition to the menu, followed by music production since 2005. 

Teaching is another ability and skill, on top of being able to play an instrument, compose, engineer a mix etc. Someone who 'knows their stuff' does not necessarily a good teacher make!”

Having taught in various environments, working with a huge range of students from different backgrounds, aged 6 and upwards, with a mix of abilities and starting points, there is a wealth of teaching experience to draw from.

I am a firm believer in the deep intrinsic value of improvisation and composition, and this is actively encouraged and supported, coupled with practical guidance in music theory if the student is open to that aspect, although this is, of course, not compulsory! :-D

One of my specialist angles is blurring the lines between different disciplines, fusing them together, to the greatest benefit of a student who wishes to expand musicianship across different skill areas. These "layered" sessions are fantastic for absorbing, consolidating and then applying the various skills needed for a more complete musical expression; in particular those wishing to create their own music via the use of technology, which often requires multiple skills to be combined.