Music Production Tuition - supporting the manifestation of your musical vision and expression

If you are considering, or already are, working with music production, and wish to develop a deeper knowledge of recording/mixing techniques and production/programming/creative music technology/composition etc then you may consider some guidance.and support.....

There's only so much one can learn from reading a book (or seven!) on the subject, or indeed from YouTube tutorials etc - music production is about ideas, expression and above all,  LISTENING.... and then nurturing your skills, and knowledge of the tools,  to carve the music into a manifestation of your vision; of how YOU want it to sound...what you wish to express....

I see my role as supporting a person towards bringing the "music in their head (and heart)" into reality......”

 I am an experienced professional teacher - not a composer/producer who decided to turn his hand to teaching just to even out the freelancers' income roller-coaster! I am passionate about teaching, in and of itself. 

Someone who 'knows their stuff' does not necessarily a good teacher make!”

(Please visit the main "Tuition" page, for general background/info on the teaching side of things)