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'Kevin is one of the few teachers that starts work before the lesson. For every question I asked in the pre lesson consultation, in the lesson he had each and every one lined up as bullet points to go through and demystify them. Rather than teach script/parrot style, Kevin really listened to my needs and the aspects I was unsure of, and then built the lesson around it. The hallmark of a great teacher imo. In the 2 hour session I booked, he cleared up dozens of niggle workflow issues that endless google searches never fully clarified for me. I can now approach recording with a renewed sense of confidence! Highly recommended.'


David Shaw (drummer)

The sound you are looking for 

With myself being a long time music fanatic, it is rare these days I hear a voice that moves me, and that is needed now more than ever in these times of uncertainty, where fear has over taken the many, its a voice from the soul, from a deeper place, we are not just in times of uncertainty but in a more materialistic world where genuine talent with substance is put to one side to keep the music offered at the forefront that is on the level of empty calories (think big golden arches) devoid of nutrients, a body needs nutrients not empty calories this is the same for the soul, it needs feeding, it needs the frequencies of music this is vitally important without this I think a big void is being left, but I hope Kevin is one of many filling that void, last year finally finished his 1st full album, which is a beautiful blend of pop rock soul all glued together with a modern soothing twist, the influences I’m hearing are A-ha, Radiohead, Steven Wilson, there is also some of the U.S. 90s bands here and there (not the Seattle movement) his timbre even at times going a bit dare I say Josh Groban at times. 

He also plays many instruments which allow him to create beautiful moving and at times dramatic mood music used in films and TV, which really get the imagination going one piece I listened to was conjuring up visions of a you-tube channel montage for health and wellness / working out another seems like a dramatic film scene involving a car chase he also offers some amazing cover versions, Now these may be just  acoustic and vocals but...... the delivery is everything, and to hear his take on the 80s classic “here comes the rain again” is breathtaking, he even brings a change of frequency to Radiohead fan fave "no surprises" myself being a long time guitarist recently jammed over some of Kevin's theme music and its a blast, I'm sure it was not designed for that, but this goes to show what a well-rounded composer Kevin is and continues to evolve into, with an open heart, I look forward to more. 

The music world needs more Kevin's. 

Much love. 



Mark Stanbridge  - guitarist and blog writer/educator - via email - with kind permission to post it here