Examples of Compostition/Production Work from Edge Music

The following tracks/playlists show examples of professional compositions/productions by Edge Music. Unless otherwise stated in the info on the corresponding Soundcloud page, all tracks were composed, performed, mixed, produced and mastered by Kevin Edge. You are invited to listen across the playlists in order to hear the diversity of the work in terms of genre, dynamic and instrumentation etc. There is a huge range, from light orchestral through indie, pop, dance, ambient, dubby flavours, to hybrid cinema trailers (including horror) and sound-design based work.....


The following represent a sample from Edge Music's Soundcloud profile - hop over there to hear more genres/playlists etc... and/or to connect with Kevin on that platform....

Main Showreel - Various Genres

Hybrid Orchestral/Beats - Cinematic/TV Drama etc

Light Orchestral - Pseudo Classical - TV Documentary etc

EDM/Pop/Commercial/Mainstream/House/Dance etc

Hip-Hop/Downtempo/Trip-Hop/Chilled Grooves etc

Electronic (ish)- various styles - less "commercial" than the EDM/Pop/House etc playlist