Mixing & Mastering

Mixing Showreels:

Electronic/Dance etc:


A selection of Kevin's mixing work through various genres, broadly in the electronic/dance area.....

Vocal Songs - Pop, Alternative, Acoustic etc:


A selection of Kevin's mixing work on tracks with vocals - various genres/flavours.....


Mix/Master Comparison

The following are A/B comparisons of the client's existing mix, be it a monitor mix, rough mix/demo etc, or, in some cases a finished mix/master by another engineer (e.g. Universal Remote Control), and Kevin's completed mix/master. The first half is the existing mix, and the second half is Kevin's mix/master. You can jump from one to the other by clicking across the track's length. 
Unlike lots of other sites containing "A/B comparison" audio examples, where the "A/B" comparisons are not matched for level, resulting in the final mix/master being way louder than the original (and hence subjectively sounding "bigger and better"), all the tracks here are matched for perceived loudness/RMS level (using meters and ear), resulting in a much fairer comparison.
[It's important to note that these tracks were written/performed/recorded and programmed by others. Kevin's work here was from existing audio files/stems only - apart from some drum programming work on Universal Remote Control]